The following paragraphs are excerpted
from reviews of Maestro Fountain’s concerts:

robin“With a unique and superbly played program, Fountain and the orchestra challenged and entertained their audience from beginning to end of the performance.”
—South Bend Tribune

“Guest Conductor Robin Fountain was a big part of the concert’s success. Formerly assistant and resident conductor of the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, Fountain returned with mature mastery of the baton and other physical aspects of conducting, an obviously keen ear and aural imagination. He was also an astute host, prompting each of the composers to comment on his or her piece.”
—Pittsburgh Tribune

“I was surprised by the remarkable rhythmical precision of the syncopation that was unlocked by the orchestra’s conductor… I cannot honestly call myself an Elgar fan. However, the interpretation offered this night of the Enigma Variations could entice me to become one. What color, fine nuances, comedy, bawdiness, and pathos in so many forms there were to hear. It called forth streams of enthusiasm.” —Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten

“With guest conductor Robin Fountain … wielding the baton, Baldassari, the NME [Nashville Mandolin Ensemble] and the Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra provided one of the most moving hour-plus sets of orchestral entertainment heard locally in some time.” —Wichita Times Record News